Top 10 Tech Tools We Love, Pt 1

10 cool tools that are totally worth checking out.
Top Tech Tools - Deeper States

Got tasks? The Internet makes life easy!

Want to find something out? What to perform a task easily? The Internet is brimming with tools you can use to accomplish tasks you haven’t even thought of! In Part 1, we’ll explore 10 of our favourite tech tools. 


#1: WeTransfer:

Got big files to send but don’t want to pay for it? Our favourite is which enables you to send files up to 2GB for free! All you need is an email address for yourself and your recipient – and you’re good to go! While you’re there, check out their awesome editiorial. (Under the plan options, choose “I just want to send files!)


#2: BuiltWith:

Find out what any website is built with using the freebie at Looking for people using Shopify? Build a lead generation list using the tools they offer. If you know their platforms, you can talk more intelligently with your prospects.


#3: AhRefs:

Need keywords? Check out the free tool at ahrefs. Put your feet up, discover keyword ideas, all day long. Find relevant keywords from its database of over 8 billion queries. Just enter up to ten words or phrases and choose from one of six keyword ideas reports.


#4: I love PDF:

Love your PDFs but they’re too big to send via email? Hey, we hear you! Our favourite place for free PDF tools is L Love PDF and their compression tool is fantastic and free!


#5: Free Convert for Videos:

Free Convert

Got video files that need compression? Look no further than Free Convert, an old favourite of ours to reduce the size of large video files. (They also have tools to compress audio and image files too!)


#6: Hunter – Email Finder:


Looking for someone’s email address? Need to message someone in a company? Hey, if you’re in sales, is a must-have tool to help you track down and communicate with people who can help your business!


#7: Wiza:


Similar, but different to Hunter, is Wiza. Using this tool, you can create prospect lists from LinkedIn. This tool allows you to export leads from LinkedIn with accurate contact info and connect directly with your audience. Nice!


#8: Kombinator:


Kombinator is a free Google Ads search tool. Type your words in the three fields and click the button. Now you now have a list of all keyword combinations. So easy!


#9: UberSuggest:


Use UberSuggest’s free Keyword tool to generate more suggestions you can use for blog content and targeting for Google ads! UberSuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.


#10: Soovle:


Soovle is a very unique search engine in the sense that it gives you suggestions based on your keywords from major web providers, including Google, Bing, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia and YouTube. If you are struggling for content creation and need some inspiration, Soovle is a great tool to use.



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