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When it comes to cloud apps, we are good at it. We deploy many types of cloud apps, including productivity apps, CRM apps, business improvement apps, document management apps, e-signature and information rights apps, and custom apps. If it’s apps in the cloud you need, talk to Deeper States. Call the team to get started on 1300 333 737.

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Cloud Applications Increase Productivity

Cloud Apps for Office Productivity

Cloud Apps for Productivity is one of the most common deployments today. Need Outlook or Gmail for E-mail?  You might even store documents to Dropbox or OneDrive.  Everyone needs productivity apps like Office 365 or G-Suite and a place to store your information.

Our productivity solutions look at unique improvements to productivity, customised to your business.  

Cloud Apps for Client Relationship Management (CRM)

A Client Relationship Management System (CRM) takes you to the next level of business productivity.  Think of it as an evolution. A CRM offers a single source of truth about each of your customers – every interaction and action can be recorded in a customer-centric way. Gone are silos, or no central knowledge repository. With a CRM you can have a whole of customer view, segment and automate your marketing, capture, score and manage leads and much more.

Deeper States provides integration, customisation and support for CRM at an affordable price.  We support Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.

Cloud Apps for Document Management

Today there’s a level playing field for document management, email and mobility.  Cloud Apps for Document Management enhance your document storage capabilities by providing an easy way to store and access your company information, be it in the office, at home, or when on the road from the cloud.

We support document management solutions from Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive), G-Suite  We then do customisation to improve your business processes on these platforms – making them work better for you, regardless of your industry.

Cloud Apps for Business Improvement

Small Business depend on staff to perform (somewhat) repetitive tasks. If your business needs to take away the mundane so staff can do better things with their day and are sick of the monotony, then automating the business processes your staff manually do will significantly improve productivity in a way is not as hard or expensive as you once thought.

Business Improvement Optimisation is a way of improving the efficiency of your business, enabling you to remain competitive, whilst utilising your existing staff for more customer facing and relationship building roles.


Cloud Apps for e-Signatures and Information Rights

Deeper States uses solutions that allow the signing and storing of documents that once took hours to print, sign, scan, email, then return to you, take only minutes to complete today.

Sending quotes, contracts, terms of trade that require acknowledgement via scan to email or fax are the processes your competitor still uses. Today’s e-Signatures require no input from your staff and 2 clicks is all it takes before you and your client are doing business with one another.

Ask us about making your contract management process seamless with solutions from DocuSign, Adobe e-Sign and Sertifi.


Web, Custom and Other Apps

Apps you recognise we can assist with – QuickBooks Online, Xero, Google Apps and Salesforce. WebApps like Shopify, Wix and WordPress. We can also customise these apps to better meet your unique requirements. Ask us about apps – we support hundreds of WebApp integrations.

For more information about Cloud Apps, please call us on 1300 333 737

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