Cloud Integration

Cloud IT Integration

Our cloud integration services are a suite of tools and tech that connect business apps, systems, storage and IT environments together.  We can integrate into multiple cloud environments and across different cloud ecosystems, if this is what’s required.  We also specialise in hybrid deployments.  Using our Cloud IT Integration services, your business IT will operate in a single, cohesive IT infrastructure.

Technology Partners

Integrating client applications with the cloud

Cloud Apps for Integration

Deeper States have partner relationships with more than 50 cloud products to help connect multiple cloud apps together.  We use cloud automation tools to enhance these applications by automating business processes and connecting these systems together.


Cloud Apps Integration Workflow

We use automation workflow tools like Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier to enable app-to-app connectivity and automation to improve customer business processes.

We integrate marketing and sales apps, financial and ERP systems, Payroll and other operational systems and specific line of business applications to meet the needs of our clients.




Hybrid Onsite and Cloud Apps Integration

For clients not yet in the cloud, or hampered by on-premise IT solutions, Deeper States can provide a custom hybrid environment for these needs.  This could include warehousing and manufacturing systems with cloud-based IoT applications.


Websites and Web Apps Provisioning

If you need a Website or specific Web Application that needs to be hosted in the cloud, we use providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform as well as our own, locally hosted web servers in our Melbourne Data Centre.

We provide Web App provisioning support, patch management and service level management that make your site more reliable and more scalable without the cost.  To find out more about our web services and web application platforms, visit our Websites & Web Apps page.


For more information on Cloud Integration Services, please contact us on 1300 333 737. 
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Office IT
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