Cloud Integration

With all these CloudApps around, the choices you make and the money you spend can cost as much as an Enterprise system.  The choices of which cloud-app to use for which business purpose, and the way you setup and configure that application can be a confusing and frustrating experience.

deeperStates eliminates the pain by integrating these apps for you.  We put the square plug in to the round hole!

CloudApps for Integration

CloudApps adoption by small and medium business is accelerating and the industry is starting to mature.  The problem with most CloudApps connections, is that some work, some don’t.  Then some do for a week, then break because they need  fixing.  This can cause downtime and cost the business.

deeperStates have partner relationships with more than 50 cloud partners to help and escalate issues that are beyond our customers and their digital agencies scope.

deeperStates works with CloudPipes, Zapier, Microsoft Flow, Xperido, and D-Sync to ensure that your integration ideas and business workflows will work.

CloudApps Integration Workflow

The applications deeperStates use and the workflows we integrate, taught us how hard it is at times to integrate workflows to apps.  In a contained application, workflows can solve a number of business challenges, but when you have to cross application boundaries, it can sometimes get complex.

Nerd Alert:  We can get Java, CRM, Gravity Forms, Twilio and Mail Chimp all working together with the right logic, tools and code,  If we can do it out of the box we will.

Hybrid Onsite and CloudApps Integration

Still got your stuff at the office and want to get to the cloud?  deeperStates provide all sorts of migrations to Office 365 / Google / CRM / ERP using partners and tech including Skykick, BitTitan, Microsoft, Google and Dropbox.

Websites and WebApps Provisioning

If you need a Website (or a WebApp), then deeperStates can setup your WebApps using out of the box or custom solutions.  We use providers including Microsoft Azure, Softlayer (Bluemix), Amazon Webservices and Google Cloud.  We support the bespoke, legacy WebApps hosting companies including EtherTech, NetRegistry, Ilisys and MelbourneIT.

deeperStates provides WebApp provisioning support, patch management and service level management that make your site more reliable and/or more scalable without the cost.  We use tools like Anchor, Cloudflare and NewRelic to improve supportability, performance, availability respectively, without charging ‘an arm and a leg’.

Customer Examples

Case Study: Vocalizr (Music and Creative)

Vocalizr is an online marketplace where vocalists, engineers, lyricists and artists can find one another for collaborating with one another.  deeperStates has helped Vocalizr by providing maintenance and support services for their Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 platform.

Case Study: Foro (Hospitality)

Foro is a B2B marketplace that brings hospitality venues and suppliers together in a single online ordering platform.  Custom built with bespoke WebApps development company Sentia on Ruby / Rails, deeperStates assists in Level 3 support for their Linux platform on AWS and SLA management using Anchor, Cloudflare and NewRelic.

Case Study:  The Savage and Scott (Manufacturing)

The Savage and Scott is a bespoke manufacturer of bespoke reclaimed hardwoods and metals with their own foundry.  deeperStates provides their CloudApps productivity with Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint as well as their WebApp hosting on WordPress, domain name hosting and business process improvements.