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Every business depends on technology to function efficiently.  When technology goes wrong, it’s stressful and frustrating for staff, especially those whose role requires immediacy and responsiveness. If you don’t have an army of IT specialists in-house, consider outsourcing your IT support and helpdesk to Deeper States. We offer both onsite and remote support options.

Pain-free IT help when you need it

Remote IT Support

No matter where you’re located, if you have internet access, we can help you remotely.  Our remote services are delivered throughout Australia and South-East Asia.

Using our remote IT support, businesses can get help much faster than waiting for a tech to get on-site.  Our remote support team can take control of your IT system, check for issues and apply solutions 100% remotely.

The tools we use for remote IT support include Microsoft Teams, Teamviewer and GoTo Assist where appropriate.

 To get Remote IT Support setup, you can choose from monthly pre-paid packages, or ad-hoc service arrangements.


On-site IT Support

More than 90% of the technology support we offer is now handled remotely.  However, there are times where on-site support is still required.  This is often hardware issues, new site installations, server maintenance or more complex issues.

The technicians we send onsite are Level 2 or 3, highly-qualified professionals that have a minimum of 10 years experience solving complex and challenging issues.

 To get On-site IT Support setup, you can choose from monthly pre-paid, or ad-hoc service arrangements.  

For more information about Remote and IT support services, please call us on 1300 333 737

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