Deeper States Technology is a cloud-first technology company, founded in 1999.  deeperStates is a company is not set in its ways by continually adapting to the IT landscape through real innovation.
deeperStates provides business consultancy services that specialise in giving its customers competitive advantage over their competitors.
deeperStates instills a social culture that encourages clients to connect with our existing clients when a business need is required.  We support bipartisan relationships with our clients.

Industry Focus

Our focus goes across the traditional boundaries – we work horizontally across all verticals.
Our successes include the Financial Services, Hospitality, Real Estate, Transport, Media, Creative, Medical and Defence industries.  deeperStates’ success has been achieved through its unique approach to consulting by looking at the business need, not just the technology of the day.

 Solutions that matter

deeperStates find solutions you’re looking for, not just the products and solutions we’re competent at.
With 10 staff who all work from home, deeperStates is a company that depends on the cloud to run it’s day to day operations.  The tools and services we talk about, are the same tools and services we use to grow our own business.
We practice what we preach…