Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and many others, are the interactive parts of your business that communicate to your clients and the rest of the world.  Our cloud support services not only address the cloud (IaaS) services, but also your local, in-house servers, desktops and printers, by providing a whole of business IT support system.

Cloud Infrastructure Support

deeperStates provide support to your cloud, your servers, platform, operating system, code base and everything in between.  If you’re on VPS, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or the guy who has piggy-backed off his NBN connection, deeperStates will tailor a support structure for you.

deeperStates offer ad-hoc, fixed or flexible retainers, ensuring both parties get the right support for the right price.

deeperStates support all major operating systems including Linux.  We also use partners like Anchor and New Relic to improve the end-to-end support lifecycle that you expect but without having to manage all those partnerships.

Onsite and Remote Support (Helpdesk)

More than 80% of the technology support we offer is now handled remotely, but the midas touch is still required.  We believe in remote support so much, that we built our business around it, allowing staff to work from home, working when they like, as they like, without hindrance.  This culture has changed the way we handle IT support and work-life balance for everyone.

Cloud Networking Support

deeperStates have partnered with Cisco Meraki to deliver unique, world class cloud technology that enables us to manage your network in a way that would not have been previously possible.  We use Cisco Meraki exclusively for our networking implementations, because of it’s ease of support and ease of ongoing management.  When something goes wrong in your network, we can identify and solve the issue in minutes, not months.

We are heavily focused on Meraki’s analytics for Hospitality and Retail to enable change in how IT is perceived by these industries and how Meraki can help them understand and market to their customers better…

Meraki and Hospitality

Sister Bella is a micro bar hiding in the wandering alleyways of Melbourne.  Being a 100% Cisco Meraki solution, they believe they have increased business profitability and severely reduced ongoing technical support overheads.

Not content with Meraki Security, Switching, Routing and Cameras for the venue, Sister Bella use WiFi bridging to an adjacent building that has an NBN connection, and a failover with their ADSL connection in the office.

The owners are able to now run local reports, watch and inspect secure video and have third parties like deeperStates fix their internet usage problems in minutes through remote support and reporting tools.