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Deeper States Technology has been around since 2009, based in Melbourne. We are IT specialists, digital strategists, great listeners and pragmatic problem solvers. We offer intelligent advice and roll up our sleeves to get the job done.  We consult, plan, design and implement IT solutions across all kinds of businesses. We have teams in Australia – and offshore. Our remote IT support is used throughout Australia and beyond.

At our helm is Jason, who you’ll meet below. Need IT help? Call us 1300 333 737.

We work hard to help clients grow.

Working in the industry for over 25 years now, and having unofficially worked in IT during his teenage years setting up bulletin boards and chatting online before the Internet took off, Principal Consultant and CEO, Jason Kelton has kept his fingers on the pulse ever since.

Having worked for some of the worlds largest companies and presented to and worked with most major Telco’s in Australia, Jason has had a knack for being a visionary in the industry, picking the trends that will take off and those that lay to rest early on.

He founded Deeper States in 1999 while consulting on modem infrastructure to Telstra and Optus, and having worked for now defunct Networking company 3Com, Jason was always attune to new and emerging technologies in the 90’s and taking that in the noughties to home automation integration, enterprise networking and eventually cloud services in 2007.

Fast forward to today and he has continued the drive of Deeper States to take the learning of large business and CxO understanding to small business, so they can play with the big guns through agile innovation and creative technological solutions.

Aussie team

Our support team members have a minimum of Level 2 or Level 3 support qualifications. Most support is delivered remotely, especially for simple IT issues that can be resolved by our team taking control of your systems and applying fixes.  We offer on-site support for more complex and hardware related issues. We also have a network of local, Aussie-based developers who can help with website development and custom coding.


International Development

For specialist IT development for businesses on a budget, we have a team of experienced coders in Vietnam. Through our team, we develop very complex software at a cost-effective price. All project management of offshore builds is managed locally.


Need help with IT? Please call us on 1300 333 737.

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Office IT
CRM/Marketing automation

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