The Great Return To Work

How your working life might change post-pandemic.

How working life will change post the pandemic.

As the world becomes increasingly vaccinated, airports reopen and people return to offices, what are the changes you can expect? We’re expecting a few of them below:

Hybrid working models:

The view that if you’re not in the office, you’re not working, has disappeared. Post-pandemic, businesses are keen to adopt a hybrid working model. Staff may spend 2-3 days at the office and 2-3 days at home, which delivers great benefits for staff looking to dodge long commute times. It also allows businesses to reduce overhead costs like building rental, electricity consumption and other costs. It’s not all upside though.

There are social and productivity implications for staff working from home, plus security implications relating to information technology. Keeping data, devices and digital assets safe is a priority for businesses looking to protect themselves from risk – and this risk may be magnified through the creation of many staff home-based satellite offices. (Talk to Deeper States for advice about your security options. Phone 1300 333 737.)

Relaxed dress code:

Some big-name workplaces are adopting a less formal dress code, although many of these companies say the shift towards more casual attire was already underway prior to the pandemic. Some common sense applies, of course. Don’t turn up to work in shorts if you’re meeting a high-powered executive in a suit. Our view is that clothing does not equal competence, so relaxed work clothes is fine by us. We’re glad to see the rules relax a bit.

Shaking hands:

We may be waiting for these greeting habits to return. As the Omnicron variant does its rounds, social distancing common sense still applies. Don’t worry. Fist bumps will return, we just think you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Inviting colleagues out for coffee:

Zoom does not replace social interaction. You might be hesitant to ask colleagues out for coffee still. What if they are worried about health implications? Having coffee with colleagues is an age-old traditional way of cementing relationships and networks.

To get around this, we recommend giving colleagues the option of choosing. We are looking forward to the day when more long lunches, coffee chats, face-to-face meetings, and more networking events are available.

We’ll all be glad to see life return to normal.


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