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lead generation digital marketing

Imagine if you could double, even triple your sales leads?

What would it mean if you had a steady stream of new leads and customers coming in? We imagine it means less stress, better profits, improved productivity, more staff to help manage the increased demand…
We’re working with 2 Melbourne-based TOP digital lead generators that focus on growing businesses, sales and brands using Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and other digital platforms.

Tell your friends, but not your enemies!

Finding non-agency digital guns is hard, so we’re very glad to be able to introduce these guys to you.
Fiona Mackenzie and Jihad Majzoub have teamed up to devise and execute these digital strategies to grow your business:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales funnels
  • Branding and brand awareness campaigns
  • Product marketing and promotion
  • Facebook competitions
  • Digital marketing advice and strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Online data analysis
  • Content for web and social, including video
  • Digital media buying and reporting
  • Campaign setup, monitoring and optimisation
  • SEO for Google ranking
  • Digital brand strategy
  • eDM campaigns
  • Blogging and article writing

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Facebook Lead Generation
Need more sales leads? Who doesn’t, right? Many businesses turn to digital platforms for lead generation. After all, digital platforms are fast, measurable and can easily scale up (or down) as business needs change. Best of all, digital platforms can be very cost-effective provided they managed properly.

With more than 2.2 billion users every month, it’s not rocket science why you might turn to Facebook to reach new customers.

Despite changes to its algorithm that came in the aftermath of the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook remains a social B2C titan that can’t be ignored by brands that sell to consumers.

Like any advertising medium, and to be clear Facebook is pay-to-play, how you use social matters, so here we’ll try to help you ensure you have the basics in place to get the best bang-for-your-buck.


Starting with your business Facebook page, upload a clear profile picture, either of you (if your brand is you) or a minimalist logo. Then add a creative, interesting cover photo with a colour scheme to match your brand.

If you have it, you can use video for cover photos, which can be immediately engaging for visitors as Tony Robbins has found.

And last, but not least, make sure your “About” section is completed and don’t ignore the opportunity to add a keyword-rich short description about your business, since this description content appears in Google’s search results.


Sharing is like positive word-of-mouth. People liking, commenting and sharing your posts are key metrics in determining how well your content is resonating with your community.

While there are mixed views about the value of investing effort in building likes and followers, we think they give your business credibility. If you have lots of followers, it makes you look like a serious business.

Remember, though, even with a big community of followers, your organic reach on Facebook is very low, so boost posts that get organic engagement or are important so a bigger audience sees them.

For fast community building, you could run a competition. Plenty of businesses do Facebook contests and a quick search in Google will return lots of advice on how to maximise this tactic.


Static images work well – and so do infographics, funny memes and video.

If you have a modern smartphone, chances are good that it’s capable of shooting high quality video. Your smartphone makes it easy to add interactive Q&A, broadcast of live events, plant tours and explainer videos to your social media content mix.

You can even upload your videos to YouTube and add a link back to Facebook so new customers can easily find out about you.

Finally, when it comes to content, consider creating communication themes around your content.

For example, Monday post an inspirational quote for the week ahead; Tuesday post a product tip; Wednesday post a customer testimonial, and so on.

By planning a daily theme, it makes it easier for you to think of interesting things to say and your fans and followers get to know what to expect from you.


If you’re advertising, remarketing (or retargeting) should be in your strategy mix. You can retarget people who have visited your website or interacted with your Facebook ads or page.

In other words, once they have interacted once with your brand, you can show them your ads as they move around the Internet.

Be prepared to experiment with Facebook advertising, especially if you’re new to it. Finding your ideal buyers on Facebook is the outcome of a process of testing messages, images and videos, as well as audiences, and refining these over time to find the sweet spot.

Before you turn on a single ad, or spend your first dollar, make sure you have pixel tracking code installed in your website. You need this to measure the success (or not) of your Facebook ad activity.

Lastly, the budget you’ll need for Facebook marketing all depends on your industry, since some are more competitive than others.


You can encourage interaction with your brand by responding to people’s comments and questions.  (By the way, a lack of a response is still a response, it’s just not an ideal one because it tends to say you don’t care.)

Responding to people (especially if they raise concerns or complaints) can turn page visitors into brand champions who actively promote your brand to their friends.


You might be wondering how Facebook compares to Google as an advertising network. Great question, the answer depends on your industry and business goals.

If you’re B2B, for example, Google must be your focus. If you sell to Joe Public, the average consumer, you can use either network successfully.

Both Google and Facebook excel at sales, leads, consultations and conversions. Both offer retargeting of messages to people who have already interacted in the past with your brand.

Facebook works better than Google for brand awareness or building a social following.

You can (and many businesses do) use both networks and compare results. If you find one network works better than the other, it makes sense to redirect the bulk of your advertising budget to the network that works best for you.

This post was written by Fiona Mackenzie and Jihad Majzoub, Melbourne-based digital lead generation duo.
To see what they do – or to get in touch with them – go here.